SL-001 – Tawny Peaks – S/T tape

New Jersey emo/twinkle with a tinge of pop.

For fans of: American Football, Into It. Over It., Joie De Vivre, Owen

Pressing info: First pressing – 100 copies pressed at National Audio Company.

100 Smokey colored two-sided tapes – full color double-sided J-cards and screen-printed colored labels – hand-numbered – professionally dubbed.

8 songs, with a total length of 36:15.  

Recorded and produced by Sam Skinner.

Release date: December 26, 2012

Pre-order here.

SL-002 – Kittyhawk – S/T tape

Chicago based band featuring members of Joie De Vivre, Dowsing, Island of Misfit Toys, and Into It. Over It. (Live).

Sounds like Rainer Maria and a bunch of other cool emo bands, but with a modern twist.

Pressing info: First pressing – 100 copies pressed at National Audio Company.

100 Red tinted two-sided imprinted tapes – full color double-sided J-cards – hand-numbered – professionally dubbed.

5 songs, with a total length of 15:21.  

Recorded and produced by Mike Crotty.

Release date: January 20, 2013.

Pre-order here.

SL-003 – Aviator – January MMXIII tape

Aviator = an emotive hardcore band featuring members of Long Lost.

With the dynamics of Envy, the passion of La Dispute, and the hardcore edge of Modern Life is War, Aviator is a band that will stick with you until the end.

“Aviator’s style is rooted in the melodic, emotive hardcore movement of the past few years, which has been spearheaded by bands like Touche Amore and La Dispute. “A Thousand Monkeys” and “A Thousand Typrewriters” are similarly structured hardcore dirges, featuring lyrics about mental illness, disillusionment, and general self-directed malaise.” – The Needle Drop

The tape includes freshly recorded and updated tracks from the Spirit Fangs/Aviator split, the My Fictions/Aviator split, and 3 brand new unreleased songs, which make up their current live set.

Pressing info:
100 black two-sided tapes – double-sided J-cards and white imprinting – hand-numbered – professionally dubbed. Includes screenprinted patch!

Recorded live with minimal overdubs/edits at The Office (North Andover, MA)
Engineered/mixed/mastered by Mike Moschetto

Release date – Jan. 19

Pre-order here.

SL-004 – Locktender – Kafka

Cleveland, OH. – A heavy and dynamic concept hardcore/screamo band with a passion for the arts. Formerly known as Men As Trees.

Kafka is the first of two full-length albums to be released in 2013. More details to come.

For fans of: Circle Takes The Square, Loma Prieta, Fall of Efrafa, Masakari


SL-005 – The Reptilian – The Donut Hill Sessions

Kalamazoo, MI – Some might call them “vets” of the Midwestern underground scene. Others just like them for their looks. Either way, Michigan-based band The Reptilian and their difficult to place sound (somewhere in the punk, screamo, post-everything realm) have taken the underground music scene by storm since their inception in the late 2000’s.

The Donut Hill Sessions is a compilation of songs from their three most recent splits. Due out March 15.


SL-006 – TBA – Coming soon!

SL-007 – Strangers Now // Enta – Split 10″

St. Louis, MO.’s Strangers Now present a straight up passionate, melodic hardcore sound in the vein of Midwest hardcore act Modern Life is War. The band, with a reinvented sound, plans to tour and make plently more friends in 2013.


Enta are a rising passionate Midwestern post-rock/screamo band made up of sounds similar to a mixture of Raein, City of Caterpillar, Envy, and Mono. With members coming from varied musical backgrounds, the band’s sound is truly beautiful and unique, while carrying the passion of the influential bands that came before them.


This split will feature 2 brand new tracks from Strangers Now and unreleased 3 tracks from Enta. Due out in June.




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