Here is a list of our ever-growing family. Say hi to the bands and be sure to check them out on the road!

Skeletal Lightning – Midwest, US


Tawny Peaks – Montclair, NJ – “Formerly a porn star, now an emo band named after aforementioned porn star.”

“Tawny Peaks have a great sound, heavily influenced by Midwestern-emo bands like American Football and God’s Reflex.  A few things set Tawny Peaks apart from many of the other bands currently playing this kind of music. They are able to combine a wide range of influences, building on the basic sound of the genre to create intricate, catchy, and passionate music that is not quite like anything else out there.” – Enfilade.



Kittyhawk – Chicago, IL. – A lovely emo band featuring members of Dowsing, Joie De Vivre, The Island of Misfit Toys, and Into It. Over it. (live).

“Chicago’s Kittyhawk play a mix of 90s-esque emo and indie pop that is both catchy and extremely sad at the same time. Their self-titled EP is full of melancholy emo tunes contrasted with just the right amount of upbeat, fun indie.” – Enfilade



Aviator – Boston, MA. – An emotive hardcore band featuring members of Long Lost.

With the dynamics of Envy, the passion of La Dispute, and the hardcore edge of Modern Life is War, Aviator is a band that will stick with you until the end.

For fans of: Envy, La Dispute, Touche Amore,  Modern Life is War.



Locktender – Cleveland, OH. – A heavy and dynamic concept hardcore/screamo band with a passion for the arts. Formerly known as Men As Trees.

For fans of: Circle Takes The Square, Loma Prieta, Fall of Efrafa, Masakari



The ReptilianThe Reptilian – Kalamazoo, MI – Some might call them “vets” of the Midwestern underground scene. Others just like them for their looks. Either way, Michigan-based band The Reptilian and their difficult to place sound (somewhere in the punk, screamo, post-everything realm) have taken the underground music scene by storm since their inception in the late 2000’s.




Foxing – St. Louis, MO – An upcoming Midwestern emo (read: Beard-rock) band that’s redefining the genre by introducing new instruments and multiple vocalists to create a beautiful, full, and layered sound unlike anything else out there today.

“Foxing is a band from St. Louis that has ex-members of Family Might and Badgerhunt, among other bands. They just put out this debut 3-song EP (Old Songs) and it’s really awesome! “Friendly Homes” is too great and is a mix of slowcore bands like C-Clamp with subtle noodly guitars without being overbearing. They definitely get the “write solid songs with cool guitar parts” versus “write cool guitar parts and hope it turns into a song” thang. With multi-vocals and lots of part changes, they’re definitely a positive change in the modern emo “scene” where most bands sound a like and just noodle and riff for the sake of it.” – Twinkly Shit.




Strangers Now – St. Louis, MO. Strangers Now present a straight up passionate, melodic hardcore sound in the vein of Midwest hardcore act Modern Life is War. The band, with a reinvented sound, plans to tour and make plently more friends in 2013.




Enta – Champaign, IL. Enta are a rising passionate Midwestern post-rock/screamo band made up of sounds similar to a mixture of Raein, City of Caterpillar, Envy, and Mono. With members coming from varied musical backgrounds, the band’s sound is truly beautiful and unique, while carrying the passion of the influential bands that came before them.





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